13 Head of Village Enter Bui, Others Will be Followed


Palu City,- ACCORDING TO DATA of The High Court of Central Sulawesi, at least there are 13 village heads in Central Sulawesi already undergo cases of Corruption Court funds in the prison. Several of the same cases will now continue to follow. It was revealed by Head of High Court, Sampe Tuah in the socialization of TP4D APIP and Head of sub-district role in village fund management to Central Sulawesi Zero Corruption (08/08/2017).

Related to the 13 village heads, Head of High Court in Central Sulawesi, Joko Susilo revealed the names of these villagers. For the Donggala District is HB (Balukang Village Sojol Subdistrict), BM, DA (Sojol Sub District), IN and US. Toli-Toli regency, among others BS, MN (Laulalang District), SL (District Laulalang), IA (District Laulalang). For Poso District, AA (Kilo Village, Poso Pesisir) and Buol District with initial BM (Lomuli Village Tiloang District).

Out of the 13 names, all have been imprisoned by the classification of misuse of village funds differently. Such as misuse of village fund allocations, misuse of village laboratory retribution, corruption in agricultural work, from fiscal year 2014 to 2016.

Joko also added that the previous legal process of the suspected misuse of village funds was given a grace period to refund the initial funds they misused in a 60- to 100-day timeframe. For the latest case of village misuse, based on a letter sent to Head of high court, it is still withheld from the name of the village, but from Morowali District. **

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