133 Prospective Pilgrims Of Parigi Moutong Released by The Regent

Source: publicist parmout

Parigi,- H. SAMSURIZAL Tombolotutu, the regent of Parigi Moutong last week (08/05/2017) and then removing the prospective pilgrims (CJH) at As-Shobirin Mosque, Ex Sail Tomini location. In his statement, the Head of the Ministry of Religious Affairs of Parmout, Muslimin, M. Si said in 2017 the pilgrims of Parmout should be as many as 138 people. However, three people were transferred to Palu City and two men whose departure was delayed due to illness. So it is not possible to dispatch. So that can be dispatched as many as 133 people.

Of the 133 people who will be dispatched, include 79 women and 54 men. With classification based on their respective age ie; as much as a 17-year-old man, 20 years old, Four people aged 21-30 years, as many as 22 people aged 31-40 years old, 41 people aged 41-50 years, 37 people aged 51-60 years, 16 people aged 61-70 years and as many as 12 people aged 70-80 years. '' As for the age classification of the pilgrims who departed the youngest age at Parigi Moutong origin is the age of 18 years and the oldest aged 78 years, "he explained.

Meanwhile, the Regent as the Chairman of the organization of the Hajj Parmout coordinator on behalf of Local Government and the whole society of Parigi Moutong district congratulated 133 pilgrims dispatched to Mecca for the Hajj pilgrimage. So in this year, there is a different with the departure in the previous year about 150 -200 more departed.

According to him, in this year from 500 thousand more Parmout population only 133 that allowed God to fulfill his hajj in the holy land. '' We must be grateful to the 133 people who will be dispatched to the holy land because they are our parents who get a call to perform their worship, "he said.

Regent Samsurizal Tombolotutu also said that Parigi Moutong currently on kloter BPN 7 are joined by prospective pilgrims originated from Banggai regency Touna, Banggai Islands and North Morowali Regency which was going through a pilgrim hostel transit of Palu and headed embarkation to Balikpapan, there are some people who are older so that through this opportunity the Regent advised all young pilgrims to help each other who joined in their entourage indiscriminately. "Whether it's from another district let's help each other because we're all brothers," the message.

At the end of his speech, the regent hopes the prospective pilgrim arrival in the Holy Land should pray Parigi Moutong district became an-always secured district and more prosperous society. Prior to the release began, Regent Parigi Moutong signed a josint agreement between the Chairman of the Religious Parigi, Head of the Office of Religious Affairs Parigi Moutong district and Head Office of Population and Civil Registration Parigi Moutong district on Agreements of integrated services through trial around ithbat marriage, Publishing quote aktah marriage and Issuance of Birth Certificate in Parigi moutong Regency witnessed by a number of high officials in Parigi Moutong Regency. ** 

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