Ensuring Operation Activity of Tinombala, Pangdam XIII Merdeka Visits Parmout

Reporter/Bureau of parmout: Roy Lasakka

Parigi City,- PANGLIMA Military Area Command (Pangdam) XIII Merdeka, Major General TNI Ganip Warsito visited Parigi Moutong District, Thursday (10/8). The arrival of Ganip Warsito in Parmout District to ensure the implementation of Tinombala Operation activities. Upon arrival in Parmout District, Ganip Warsito went directly to the Koramil Parigi Office and was greeted by the Regent of Samsurizal Tombolotutu.

To a number of journalists, Ganip Warsito said, Tinombala operation activities are done correctly. The reason, in the implementation of Tinombala operation himself claimed to not want any mistakes or violation of rules in the implementation.

In fact, during his visit, each Tinombala Task Force commander has also exposed him. "From the exposure of each Tinombala Task Force commander, I see that no one violates the rules or raises concerns," said Ganip Warsito shortly before heading to Poso District.

He added, so far the progress it has received, that the Tinombala Task Force has detected the armed group's movements. Asked about the addition of personnel from the TNI to the Tinombala Task Force, Ganip Warsito admitted to not doing the addition. In fact, it has evaluated to reduce the number of troops in the field.

According to him, it would be nice to carry out a more touching operation on the needs of the community such as, which has been implemented since three months ago in Poso District, namely Territorial Operation of Sintuvu Maroso. He considered, the Territorial Operation of Sintuvu Maroso based on the evaluation results are very useful for the community, both non-physical and physical.
"The plan of Territorial Operation of Sintuvu Maroso in Poso District will be closed tomorrow (Today, red)," he said. Meanwhile, the Regent, Samsurizal Tombolotutu admitted strongly to support the implementation of Tinombala Operation conducted in Parmout District.

As a leader he said, based on the law (Act) 1945 explains that the responsibility of a region is a regent. "The visit from the Commander and Chief of Police is part of the security of the region that must be supported," he explained. ** 

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