Hidayat is Registered in Golkar


Donggala City,- Young figure of Donggala Regency, M Hidayat, S.sos yesterday (27/07/2017) at 11.11 Wita only accompanied by several people to register themselves as prospective candidates for regional heads - vice regional head of Donggala District in upcoming election next year.  Dayat, - that what he is called received two officials of Golkar Party of Donggala, one of the Secretary of Golkar, Safri Laupa.

After registering, Hidayat without giving direct information left the office of Golkar Donggala. To Kaili Post via telephone, he will register to all political parties whenever possible. For him, the democratic mechanism of local election is thus the procedure. Entrepreneurs who are known to have succeeded in building the first Central Mall (shopping center) in Central Sulawesi were entirely entrusted to the sovereignty of political parties.

'' I follow the flow of just how the mechanism in each political party. Concerning the call of the soul alone is actually building Donggala, '' he said confidently. According to him, he has built a relationship with political figures in Central Sulawesi. '' Yes all must be prompted. As a junior, we have to have strong friendship. And maybe a lot of good advices, "said La Jaya, tagline himself in a social media network that has many followers.

He does not want to talk much about where Donggala should be built. According to him, Donggala’s sub-districts have the specifications and extraordinary potential. According to Jaya, many things must be developed if the people want to advance and prosper. '' I built Tatura mall with many people who sneer. But when it comes to the way and now it gives economic impact and labor absorption, it answers the scorns. Donggala is amazing. Must be independent and prosperous, '' he explained with his trademark smile.

How to see Kasman? '' He has worked. Much less and more that's normal. We appreciate the work of every leader, '' he said diplomatically. He also did not dismiss when the future would be another candidate wants to build cooperation with him. **

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