Morowali; Ambo Dalle Will Fight Sarifuddin Hafid

ELECTION in 2018
Reportase: Andono Wibisono

Morowali,- FROM THE Election in June 2018 in Central Sulawesi, from three predictable areas who will fight is Morowali District. Political demands in Morowali have been going strong in recent months. Political maps are easy to guess. At least, in Morowali there will be three candidates for regent/vice regent who will fight. If it reaches four candidates, will be allowed but very thin predictions.

From some of the candidates on the surface that has been powerful is Sarifuddin Hafid, the would-be candidate of the Democratic Party of Morowali with Ambo Dalle, Speaker of the Morowali parliament who is also a former Democratic cadre. Ambo Dalle's advance was none other than his political ladder after becoming chairman of the district council. His political dreams were very realistic.

Predicted, Ambo Dalle will be carried by political parties and will challenge young Democrats, Sarifuddin Hafid. Ambo Dalle is predicted to partner with Taslim, or with other political party cadres such as Golkar cadres or non-political party cadres. The possibility of both will be a deadly duel with other prospective candidates.

Sarifuddin Hafid is doing political guerrilla massively to the sub-districts and remote areas. It is easier because to say frankly, the prestige of his brother Anwar Hafid who is now a regent cannot be underestimated. Anwar Hafid for two periods becomes a regent is not a trivial thing. Moreover, he is known as a quiet politician but endangers his movements. Second; Sarifuddin Hafid is no longer too preoccupied with the number of seats support to meet the quota of candidacy. His own party is sufficient. But in the world of politics it must also gain coalition support.

Then what about Ambo Dalle?  This former politician who is closed with AH is also known as a genuine politician. He understands a lot about AH's political gesture, so it may be his courage to go forward to challenge his brother, SH. But again, there are many factors that determine the victory in local election. Plentiful and dynamic. **

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