Morowali Government Residency is not Maintained


Palu City,- CONDITIONS of Morowali Government Mess room located on Ramba Street No.10 Palu is currently in very apprehensive condition. Because of the five existing rooms, only one that looks pretty clean. While others are filled with dust and grass so impressed not treated.

In one room that looks like a workspace, posted a picture of Morowali Regency logo on the left, while on the right photo, Morowali Regent Anwar Hafid is also dusty. One person who was at the venue said that the AC in the entire room is likely to be damaged due to the long time unused. Even in one of the engine room is not there, either lost or where.

The head of the local neighhborhood association, said the painting of the house has not been done long enough to look a bit new. It is unfortunate if the mes is not treated because it can actually be used for guests from Morowali District who happened to be dealing with Palu City.

Morowali Regent, Anwar Hafid confirmed via cell phone on Sunday (30/7/2017) said it is unlikely that no one will keep the place and if it will not be taken care of, then the place is better closed. "The possibility is no one care, and if it does not want to be taken care of again, better closed it" he said. **

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