Next Week, The Big Round For Elderly Competition


AFTER Passed several times, the allowance of the race namely; Chain race contest, Elderly Gymnastics competition, Rebbana across-generation, and Elder across-generation of Central Sulawesi, planned in the third round of Sunday, August 13, 2017 will be launched at Nusantara Palu Pavilion.

In the preliminary, for the sequence of Message, Messages which passes to third round: Elderly Sunju Village District Marawola Sigi District, Elderly Commander Parmout, Elderly Labuan Village Sigi District.

As for the Elderly Gymnastics race; Elderly Boyaoge Urban District Tatanga Palu City, Elderly Pengawu Village District Tatanga Palu City, Elderly Group Pelita Hati Sigi District. 

For race Rebbana across-generation (Old, Adult, Teen): Elderly Parent Banawa Induk District Donggala, Group of Elderly Simpotove Binangga Village Marawola District Sigi District, Elderly Pengawu District Tatanga City Palu. As for the Regional Generation Dance Generation Competition: Elderly Regional Commission Parigi Moutong, Elderly Pelita Hati Sigi District, Elderly Banawa Induk Village Donggala District.

For Fashion Show of Lanti Adat across-generation: elderly group Simpotove Binangga Village Marawola District Sigi District, Elderly Tavanjuka Urban Village Tatanga District Palu City and Elderly Commissioner Parigi Moutong. The Elderly Competition of Central Sulawesi as a jury; Chairman: Drs. Syafruddin Maragau, Secretary: Masudin Radja with Members: Hi. Ayuba Lasira "Om City", Nurlaela Lamasitudju and Hj. Ulfa Mughni. **

Technical meeting time: August 3, 2017 hours 10.00 s / d 12.00
Technical meeting led by: Sabrin O. Ladongi, S.Ag., MH., MM
Participants of technical meeting: head of elder local committee  of Palu, Sigi, Donggala and Parimo
Place of technical meeting: The meeting hall of Alkautsar Palu Foundation .. Jl. Pue Bongo, Tatanga sub-district
Photo taken from Al Kautsar documentation

The elderly group of Pengawu Urban Village Kec. Tatanga intensive to do Elderly Gymnastics Training as a preparation to follow the Culture Art Competition Cross Generation & Gymnastics Elderly in the framework of Independence Anniversary of Indonesia

The competition is held by the cooperation of Local Committee of Elders of Central Sulawesi Province with LPP RRI Palu

The competition will be held on Sunday, 6 August 2017 at Madamba RRI Palu Building.

Time: week, 6 August 2017, 09.00 - 14.00 WITA
Place: Madamba Building and RRI Palu

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