Official Rotation, Anwar Hafid is Directly to Interview


Morowali,- THE UPCOMING Last inauguration of officials in the scope of Morowali District Government, Regent Anwar Hafid held an interview to all echelon II, III and IV officials recently. In the interview, Anwar Hafid was assisted by Vice Regent S U Marunduh, and Morowali District Secretary Mohammad Jafar Hafid, who also asked questions about the main duties and functions in a position, as well as general questions.

As is known, no later than August 12, 2017 is the last inauguration of Anwar Hafid as Regent, given the date of May 25, 2018, his term will end and according to the rules that apply, he can no longer inaugurate officials passing from the 12th August 2017.

Currently, there are 4 echelon II officials who have the status of Executing duty (Plt), namely the Head of the Civil Service Police Unit, Adzan Djirimu, Head of Social Service, Jaenudin Ma'ruf, Head of Library and Archive Service, Nafsahu Salili, Head of Revenue Service Region, Andi Irman, and Head of Cooperative Office, Yusman Mahbub.

Anwar Hafid confirmed via cell phone said that the interview was conducted so that the placement of the position will be in accordance with the competence of the officer concerned, and will be done before August 12, 2017. "The interview is conducted so that the placement of the position will be on target, and Insha Allah Before the 12th will be the last inauguration "he said. ** 

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