PGH Launches August Fantastic Package


Palu City,- CELEBRATING Indonesian Independence Day to 72 years, the management of Palu Golden Hotel (PGH) launched a cheap package in August this time. Such as wedding packages, swimming games package, August Fantastic Package and others. Do not miss Captain Juice's favorite menu, the curry cook. This all-round package is only available in August alone, except for wedding packages valid until December.

For wedding package, with price range from Rp. 15,000,000 to Rp. 25.000.000 only, including menu options for 300 people, outdoor/indoor decoration, ceremony room and decoration, sound system player and singer syllables, guest book and pen, envelope box, hotel area for pre weeding, photo print and documentation videos of the marriage ceremony, 20R photo frame, photo booth and 50% discount for additional room.

For people of Kaili land who want to have friends gathering, family gathering, birthday and others related, PGH also provides cheap package with budget only Rp. 4.000.000 for 50 people with room activity facility in Hotel area, standard sound system, player and singer and menu choice.

The swimming package with entourage also offers a cost-effective package, Rp.15.000-35.000 per person, which also includes a choice of snack, coffee or tea menu, fried rice, wifi access, dressing room, towel, soap and shampoo. This package is suitable for gathering activities with kinship, birthday and school swimming program. Swim package with Rp. 35.000 presents a selection of sweet potato menu, roa fried rice, mineral water and snack.

Various kind of food and beverage menu of PGH frugal package in enliven this independence day, but special menu this month is curry with Rp.35.000 per portion and Captain’s Juice per glass only Rp.17.000, said the Sales Marketing Manager of PGH, M. Ali Waheki (12/8/2017) at the first hotel in Palu city.

He also added for August month, they provide a frugal package for the people of Palu, such as weddings, only with the funds Rp 50.000.000 per 300 people can get all the facilities such as the ceremony, instead we give 50% discount when there is additional room outside of the bridal suite which is included in the frugal package, "he explained. **

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