reporter/bureau morut: Pariaman tambunan

Petasia,- PT SINOSTEEL, which has been operating for 15 years now, is starting to upset the people. The company, which is located in Ungkea Village, Petasia Sub-district, North Morowali Regency, is suspected to have caused a coastal abrasion of the area along 15 meters. In fact, now the abrasion has been approached with the settlement of people around the village beach.

Government staff of Ungkea Village, Andi Arkuni said approximately 15 meters of beach abrasion occurred due to the company. If it has been operating for 15 years, then a year is suspected to have occurred a meter of abrasion each year. ''We note, there has been 15 meters of beach abrasion. And now it is approaching the houses on the beach, '' he told Kaili Post (30/07/2017) ago.

One of the villages that is threatened with the abrasion is according to the village data of 87 heads of household (KK). In the hamlet there are elementary and junior high school buildings. "Formerly these schools from the coastline as far as 30 meters. It's now 15 meters. So every time there must be water going to school because the dike does not exist. So it's very disturbing residents, if this is allowed to continue how the residents here, '' he explained with a tone of asking.

Ungkea village’s government and community, said Andi has repeatedly conveyed to the PT Sinosteel. But until now there is no response. Andi hopes the company could quickly follow up and immediately make a dike near the settlement. In addition to prevent floods, the embankment can also calm the agitated citizens due to abrasion.

'' If we do not follow up soon, the residents here will drop the demo to PT Sinosteel. We also hope the Government of North Morowali to pay attention to the abrasion that occurred in this Ungkea Village which we have repeatedly submitted but until now there has been no realization from District Government, '' said Andi closed his statement. ** 

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