Saifullah: Telkom Never Asks Permission

Towua's Digging Damaged The Telkom Cable

Palu City,- THE DRAINAGE At Towua Street, South Palu is allegedly causing Telkom's optical network to indi-home internet network and telephone cable damaged and dropped. As a result, all networks using Telkom in South Palu area cannot be used. It was confirmed by Telkom - Indihome staff to Kaili Post yesterday.

''That’s right. Cannot be used today (yesterday). 100 percent broken, and no guarantee tomorrow will be good. Severe damage caused by excavation of optical cable broke, '' he said. He admitted that the broke one is the main cable network so that interfere with other networks. As a result, since at 10:00 pm all yesterday morning Telkom network around South Palu dropped.
Meanwhile, Head of Public Works of Bina Marga, Saifullah Djafar acknowledged that Towua Road is the provincial road and his responsibility. He acknowledged that there are Telkom cables exposed the drainage development. But he firmly said not feeling wrong because indeed Telkom has not asked for permission to use the road to plant a cable. "That's not my responsibility. Telkom never permit previously to use the land on the road, '' said Saifullah.

In fact, it gives time for tomorrow (today) the cable connection to complete. Because it will do the casting for drainage development activities. '' We give until today (yesterday). Because tomorrow (today) we will do the casting, '' said Head of Public Works of Bina Marga.

Apart from the wrongness of the case, but with the breaking of Telkom network, many parties are harmed. In fact, a number of economic activities are disrupted. A number of business transactions must be interrupted. '' Telkom caught red-handed never asks permission. The company has fooled customers. Secondly, the Public Works should firstly give a warning so that people are not harmed, '' said the citizen of Basuki Rahmat, South Palu.**

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