The Upcoming Republic of Indonesia Independence Day, Command of Military Distributes Stickers And Pins


Palu City,- Approaching independence day which falls on the 17th of August, the MPC 132 Tadulako launched the distribution of stickers and pins activities with theme “I Love Indonesia” today (08.02.2017) at 7:30 am in front of mako Korem 132 Tadulako, Sam Ratulangi Street Palu.

This is confirmed by the committee chairman, Capt. Infantry Adib Pasilat that in commemorating the day of independence to 72, this Korem 132 will hold a launching of Indonesia Merdeka Movement which aims to inspire, motivate and inspire elements of society in order to strengthen the unity of the nation in the momentum of this seventeenth. 

The activities planned that will involve Local Leaders Coordination Meeting, Sulawesi Province, he also confirmed that these activities over the idea of Danrem 132 Tadulako itself and simultaneously implemented in Central Sulawesi Province. Furthermore, he would like to express his gratitude to all related parties who have assisted in the implementation of this event. "Thank you to the parties who have helped this activity" he said.

This is confirmed also Head of Information Korem 132 Tadulako (Kapenrem), Major Chk. Dedy Afrizal encountered a number of reporters, he said that with this reform era as the development, a sense of nationalism being eroded, especially on the lessons of school children do not like before, a sense of nationalism is many omitted.

Therefore, through this activity is expected to arouse the love lag of nationalism. He also added that they proposed to the central government so that this August would be created as Love Our Motherland. **

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