HARISMA’s Claims Decided

Reporter/Morowali : Bambang Sumantri

KAILIPOST.COM,- MOROWALI- ELECTORAL Supervisory Committee of Morowali District held adjudication session of the dispute resolution process of Regent and Vice Regent of Morowali in 2018 in the auditorium of Anunta Baru hall, Central Bungku sub-district, Morowali District, Thursday (22/02/2018).

This deliberation is related to the lawsuit of candidate pair of Regent and Vice Regent, Haris Nunu-Ismail Suaib (HARISMA) which in the TMS (not qualified) on the determination of Regent and Vice Regent candidate of Morowali Regency 2018 by General Election Commission (KPU) of Morowali Regency as the organizer of the election.

Candidate pair HARISMA itself is not passed as a candidate for Regent and Vice Regent of Morowali because it does not fulfill the requirement on State Administration Wealth Report (LHKPN). In the meeting, the Morowali District Commission as the Petitionee, the attorney of the HARISMA pair, and the LO from each of 4 candidates of Regent and Vice Regent of Morowali who have been determined by KPU to be a witness as well as some people.

Chairman of Morowali Supervisory Committee, Ruslan said, the resolution process dispute of Regent and Vice Regent of Morowali in 2018 present witnesses from the party requested, in this case the General Election Commission, so that the witness who explained, saw and knew the processes undertaken by the party requested.
Ruslan continued, the decision of the dispute resolution sessions of Morowali Regent and Vice Regent electoral process cannot be decided yet because it has not entered the conclusion phase. "The agenda of this Friday, February 23, is the conclusion of the applicant and the requested party related to the result of the examination of the witnesses and the answers and the request. After that we will convey to the applicant or the requested party to the adjudication decision reported by the Morowali Supervisory Committee, "he said.** 

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