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In The SARA, Often Happens in Parmout

Reporter/Parmout : Fharadiba

KAILIPOST.COM,- PARMOUT- REPORTED From Parigi, Supervisory Committee of Parmout also declared a declaration of money politics and SARA Politics in the implementation of Local Election of Parmout 2018. The activity was held at the secretariat office of Parmout Election Supervisory Committee, which was attended by representatives of each candidate pair and political party,  Parmout Election Commission and some other elements.

Parmout Supervisory Committee Chairman, Muhlis Aswat told reporters that the declaration was not merely a Parmout Supervisory Committee activity, but a national agenda implemented in 171 districts / cities in Indonesia.

According to him, a lot of information developed in the midst of society related to allegations of money politics and politicization SARA. However, it only becomes consumption at lower levels only. Thus, it hopes the public can collect the evidence and proceed with the authorities to resolve the issue.

"How many meetings in our KPU have conveyed this, that when there are people who question it, do not just grow wildly, or played by certain actors to hunt," he said.

Meanwhile, related to the handling, Coordinator of Legal Procedure of Violation Act, Muh. Iskandar Mardani said, what needs to be understood related to SARA must be seen first, whether the information submitted by the community, there is proof or not.

Because he said, it still uses the principle of presumption of innocence, not just based on information and directly acted upon as factual violations occurred. Moreover, it is as an institution has a process, will be seen first.

"We are not departing from the elements, or the perception that there is no proof. If there are reports related to the SARA issue, it will be processed. So like that, "he said.

Related to money politics and SARA politics if later proven, will enter on violation of criminal election. Where, Panwaslu will process together with integrated law enforcement, which consists of police and prosecutor's office. "If the process is complete, until the court of course there are inherent sanctions regulated in Law number 10 of 2016," he said.** 

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