PAW Yasin On March, Chairman Of DPRD Will be on May

Reporter/Donggala: Zubair 

KAILIPOST.COM,- DONGGALA- PLAN Of The interim substitute (PAW) member of the Donggala legislature, Moh. Yasin who resigned for nominating as vice regent candidate is planned in March 2018. This was revealed by sources at Kaili Post (20/02/2018) yesterday at the Donggala Parliament Building.

The PAW was previously proposed by KPU Donggala to obtain the approval of the next governor of SK and to be endorsed through the plenary session of the DPRD. If we list the number of second winner votes in Gerindra Party of the three electoral districts, those eligible for PAW are gender representation.

Meanwhile, the replacement of the chairman of the parliament in Yasin stay is a quota of Gerindra Party, which was taking out three names. The three names of strong candidates in the plot in between are Maspuang, Asgaf Umar, and Asis Rauf, have a chance to occupy the position. 

The information collected mentioned that there has been no official letter from the concerned party that has submitted the replacement name of DPRD Chairman of Donggala in remaining term of office. Asis Rauf confirmed that it was the absolute decision of the party agreement '' We as cadres are ready to follow the highest internal orders and decisions of the party.’’ **

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