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President Director Of Bank Sulteng Demanded Backwards!

Reporter : Ikhsan Toili

KAILIPOST.COM,- PALU- THE CENTRAL Sulawesi Bank was visited by several demonstrators on behalf of the Anti Corruption People's Coalition (KRAK) of Central Sulawesi. Massa demanded that President Director (CEO) of yellow plate bank belonging to Central Sulawesi provincial government, Rahmat Abdul Haris immediately resign from his position due to cannot manage the bank management well.

Because a lot of negligence that occurred such as loss of customer certificates that resulted in Central Sulawesi Bank to compensate Rp7, 6 billion and the case has been won in the Supreme Court of RI.

The demonstrators voiced several things in the action such as a failed development project with total losses of Rp9 billion, Rp7.6 billion of customer certificates, and Rp2 billion loss. Of the amount of the loss who wants to replace, if you use personal money management is not a problem but the problem becomes compensation using the money of the people of Central Sulawesi, said the field coordinator. 

According to them, the action does not demand Bank Central Sulawesi closed. But not others, they took to the streets because of the love of the Central Sulawesi Bank for the Central Sulawesi people's banks to be good, can prosper their employees and that the people of Central Sulawesi can enjoy.

Demonstrators will meet with the Chief of Police, Governor and related parties to discuss the matter. To follow up,  they promised to take action again next week while waiting for the decision according to the demands of demonstrators.** 

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