SAKAYA Reports The Admin of PRD Social Media

Reporter/Donggala: Samsier

KAILIPOST.COM,- DONGGALA- SAKAYA Candidate Pair Team reported Anil Samsudin, who is known as the admin of PRD Facebook group to Supervisory Committee. The report relates to postings in the PRD that cornered and harmed SAKAYA candidate pair. Similarly, explained by spokesman from success team of Sakaya, Moh Taufik to the media yesterday (21/02/2018).

According to Taufik in Sakaya's Secretariat of Victory, Anil Samsudin as the manager of the social media group is not neutral and proved to be a supporter of one of candidate pairs. It was proven that the reported party was Golkar Party officials according to Decree No. Kep-035 / DPD 1-ST / golkar / 1/2018 as of 31 January 2018 signed by the Chairman of Regional’s Representative House  (DPD) of Golkar for Central Sulawesi, Arus Abd Karim.

The name Anil Samsudin entered in the ranks of board number 51 in the DPD of Golkar for Donggala District. On the basis of the report, Taufik on behalf of the candidate pair to provide legal sanctions on supported candidate reported. '' Obviously harming us. This report is to be followed up firmly, "he said.

In his tweet in the PRD group, Anil himself admitted ready with Taufik’s report. '' I am ready to face. I have been fair in managing the flow of communication in the PRD group. If I am not neutral it would be the one vilifies Sakaya who would allow to share. I have bunch of evidence, '' he wrote, which immediately received mixed responses. 

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