A Violation of Human Rights Clashed in Tanjungsari?

Reporter : Firmansyah

KAILIPOST.COM,- BANGGAI- The Chief of Human Rights National Commission, the representative of Central Sulawesi, Dedy Askari, to a number of media, after accompanying the representatives of protesters related to the clash during the execution at Tanjungsari, Luwuk, Banggai District indicated that according to the video evidence and other field documents, there were allegations of serious human rights violations in the eviction event.

"In this case, we have formed a joint team to observe tomorrow to Banggai, the first step we will take is to collect all the evidences on the ground whether it is physical or verbal information from witnesses or victims at the scene of the incident. It is important to reconstruct the event so that it could be known how far the involvement of the security apparatuses, whether they are limited to security, or just the opposite of being part of the execution process. The state court of Luwuk has rejected the lawsuit from the heirs to execute the land since 2006 -2008 until 2010, but wonder why in 2016 the state court passed it,  '' said Dedy, Tuesday (20/3/2018).
Related to the discovery of Molotov cocktails and others allegedly belonged to the residents, Dedy said it was two different issues. When viewed from the legal aspect, it is clearly violated. In this case, we must react carefully.

It should be noted, however, that this is the most important aspect of evictions in Tanjungsari so that the government has deployed approximately 1,000 joint personnel of Indonesia National Army-Polices and Satpol PP. How could be that only civil case executions between an individual involved with a citizen could mobilize the security forces? "This is also a very big question. Who are the people behind this event?  They able to move some institutional structure in Banggai, it is also our point to investigate," he said.

Several important items related to post-conflict in Tanjungsari which were presented by delegates of the demonstrators and Human Rights National Commission, during a meeting with the police asked the police chief to immediately withdraw all of his personnel who were still on guard at the execution site.

It is useful so that no friction returns between citizens with the apparatus. Given newly-acquired information that access to and execution of people in the eviction site was disrupted by the blockade. Asking the police to free 26 people arrested during the clashes, this was intended not to trigger the spread of conflict in Banggai District, as happened last year. 

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