Ardi Kadir is Questioned for Neutrality

ASN Stumbles on Regional Election

Reporter/Parmout : Fharadiba

KAILIPOST.COM,- PARMOUT- A LOT OF Violation reports of the ethics code on ASN employees surrounded by the Parmout Government which is being processed by the Parmout Supervisory Committee is under threat. In fact, the Regional Secretary of Parmout District, Ardi Kadir who is known to be the Chairman of the ASN Assembly Code Ethical Assembly Team is still not behaving.

As a result, the Code of Ethics of Council team is still questionable for its neutrality. Though known based on number of alleged violations that have been handled by Supervisory Committee in some districts. There are even some cases allegedly conducted by the echelon III officials who have now been through the review process.

The person in charge for the Regent, Moh. Nadir who met this media in his office said it will immediately coordinate with the Secretary related to the establishment of the code of ethics assembly because the authority is hold by Regional Secretary. "I will immediately order the formation of an assembly team so that alleged violations allegedly committed by ASN can be processed immediately in accordance with the prevailing provisions," said Polish Provincial Police Captain. 

Separately Ardi Kadir met in the room, Tuesday (27/02/2018) justify to this day his side has not formed the ASN neutrality for the code ethics. And for the certainty of the establishment of the former head of the Education Office has not provided certainty on the grounds that there are still activities to do.

'' I will form the very soon but I do not know the exact time because there are still some activities to do, "he admitted. As for addressing a number of ASN reports are being processed by the Supervisory Committee for sub-district Secretary, Ardi said that it highly appreciates themain tasks and functions of Supervisory Committee of sub-district and Supervisory Committee of village of Parmout in processing the alleged violations conducted by ASN. '' If my schedule is over as soon as possible, I will form the assembly team, '' he said.

He added that in accordance with the rules of the sanction threat of moderate ASN disciplinary punishment ie the first one is the delayed periodic salary increase for one year, both postponement of promotion for one year and third rank demotion lower for one year.

While Village Supervisory Committee Member, Iskandar Mardani admitted to this time, it has not recommended reports of alleged violations of ASN in regional election to the Assembly neutrality team of ASN Parmout District Government due to the council team is not present at that time.'' I hope the Parmout regency government through Regional Secretary to immediately follow up the formation of ASN neutrality assembly team, "said Iskandar. 

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