Ethical Assemblies, Judges Of ASN Engage in Politics

Reporter/Donggala : Zubair

KAILIPOST.COM,- DONGGALA- REGARDING To Law No. 5 of 2015 on State Civil Apparatus (ASN), Donggala City Government will form an ethical assembly to oversee ASN in political engagement. Secretary of Donggala said Aidil Nur told Kaili Post on Wednesday (28/02/2018) yesterday.

This assembly was formed as a form of government commitment in building ASN ideational mentality to avoid involvement of practical politics and a container to try ASN to engage in politics. Sanctions given to unscrupulous ASN heavily to dismissal sanctions with disrespect. Moreover, the authority given to the supervisory committee is very broad in following up reports and complaints of ASN involvement.

This assembly will then conduct an investigation and consider it subsequently reported to the staffing officer in this right of the regent. By him, he advised all the ASN staffs in the ranks of the Donggala Government for professional work not to be contaminated with practical politics.

"I urge all ASN staffs to work in accordance with jobs and professionals in the duties, not easily contaminated with politics," he said. Severe sanctions will be enforced he said indiscriminately, whoever he is. In PP 53/2010 on discipline on the number 15 article 4 referred to the state civil apparatus deliberately by being seen in campaign activities supporting the candidate of regents and vice regents, using state facilities, will be strictly punished.** 

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