Private Should Finance FPN

Reporter : Firmansyah

KAILIPOST.COM,- PALU- GOVERNMENT  of Palu should not use the Regional Revenue Budget (APBD) to finance the Palu Nomoni Festival (FPN). Member of Commission B of DPRD Palu, Ridwan Alimuda proposed that FPN's budget can be obtained from many private companies in Palu City. "At least the City Government can establish cooperation or lobby with them, I do not block or disagree with the event, but look for sponsors to fund it" he suggested.

Effects caused by FPN, in terms of the economy for the regional income is not optimal. On the other hand the welfare of the community is neglected. Like a labor-intensive budget cut that is currently only Rp250 thousand / person. Meanwhile, the fund for FPN is fantastic amounts ranging from Sembilan Billion. "The cost of promoting the event is also not small. Economic income from the tourism sector has not been significant. Visible not crowded hotel and lodging visitors during the implementation of these activities," he argued.**

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