Public Works Prioritizes Two Travel Destinations

Reporter : Yohanes Clemens

KAILIPOST.COM,- TO IMPROVE The attractiveness of tourism in the city of Palu, both local and foreign tourists, Public Works Agency (PU) Palu city budget year 2018 prioritize two destinations of new tourism. The statement was publicly said by the Head of Public Works of Palu City, Singgih Prasetyo, when we met at his work room (27/02/2108) ago.

According Singgih, FY 2018 will focus on the tourist destinations. The budget is ready now. "This year, we are focusing on two places of tourism destinations, namely Paralayang tourism area in Salena and Forest City," explained Singgih.

Of the two tourist attractions, the budget prepared at the city APBD posture range between Rp40 billion more. '' We prepared the figure of each 20 billion rupiah. For Paragliding Tour in Salena 20 billion more and also urban forest 20 billion dollars more, '' said Head of Public Works who holds the engineering master degree from overseas. 

According to him, the priority scale this year is two tourist destinations. But not close the possibility for other places will be considered as well. "Yes, certainly other places we notice, such as roads, drainage and others in terms of improvement, but with a small amount, because we put huge priority on the tourist destinations." he said.**

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