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Renovated, Kampong Soki-Soki Empty

Reporter: Ikhsan Madjido

KAILIPOST.COM,- PALU- PEMKOT through residential office plans to renovate building soki-soki Kampung Kaili on Nusantara Pavilion. According to Head of Tourism Office of Palu, Ridwan Karim confirmed related the empty of soki-soki stated that this year will be realized renovation. "Maybe before the festival event, it has been renovated, made permanent," he explained.

It does not yet have a special program for kampung kaili. Promotion program from the agency that he led will be implemented in 2019.

"We wait for the design. So there is no tourism program there, "he said. But he admitted, for 2019 it has compiled a number of interesting program activities that will be placed in the village kaili. One of them is the school art performances agenda. Agenda that he said will be made routine every week.
"We are trying to re-promote the kampung kaili area," said Ridwan. It also plans to hold activist campaigners to routinely carry out events at that location. It is frugal Ridwan believed to be able to stimulate economic activity back in that place.

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