The culture of Integrity Prevent Corruption, Collusion, and Nepotism

Reporter : Ikhsan Madjido

KAILIPOST.COM,- SULTENG- The development of a culture of integrity is not a goal but a way to achieve the goal so that the building of integrity needs to be aligned with the goals to be achieved or what our shared vision and mission are. "So that this meeting is expected to be a strategic way to internalize the values of integrity as an effort to prevent corruption, collusion, and nepotism," said the Governor in his written speech read by the Assistant of Economy and Development, Elim Somba in front of chairman and leadership elements of DPRD, echelon I and II Province Central Sulawesi who following the WorkShop Cultural Integrity Development of Public Service, at Sya Hotel Palu. Wednesday (7/3).

Furthermore, Governor Longki conveyed that the development of a culture of integrity in Central Sulawesi Province is an integral part of the great plan of national integrity. "With the growth of integrity, the KKN will go down drastically because integrity provides durability, consistency and has the courage to eradicate corruption," he added.


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