Central Sulawesi 2019; Hard Work Aligning with Growth and Equality

Source/Editor : Publicist Pemprov / Andono Wibisono

KAILIPOST.COM,- SULTENG- CENTRAL Sulawesi Province, determined for the fiscal year 2019, will harmonize high economic growth with the equitable distribution of the people's welfare. Given, the poverty in Central Sulawesi is still high. This was revealed on Planning and Development Forum (Musrenbang) 2019 which was opened by Minister of PPN/Bappenas, Bambang Brodjonegoro at Santika Hotel Palu (29/03/2018) last week.

According to Governor Longki Djanggola, Musrenbang is one of the stages in the preparation of development planning as mandated by Law No. 25 of 2004 on national development planning system. Musrenbang is also in the framework of preparation of regional government work plans (RKPD) of Central Sulawesi Province in 2019.

Musrembang is a forum of stakeholders in formulating planning and development activities in Central Sulawesi with the aim of realizing the similarity of views and readiness to anticipate the challenges and development opportunities that will be faced in 2019.

The Central Sulawesi’s Musrenbang 2019 was organized under the theme 'Combining Growth and Equality for Sustainable Development' in line with regional development priorities as reflected in the Central Sulawesi RPJMD 2016-2021. This is in accordance with the vision of Central Sulawesi advanced, independent and competitive.

The Governor conveys the achievements of development performance in Central Sulawesi until 2017, among others: first; the economic growth of Central Sulawesi in 2017 is 7.14% and is above the national average. In 2016, the highest economic growth in Central Sulawesi was 9.98%, the highest economic growth.

Second; The GRDP per capita of Central Sulawesi increased significantly from Rp41.14 million in 2016 to Rp45.26 million in 2017. Third; the annual growth rate of inflation in Palu City in 2015 of 4.17% in 2016 was reduced to 1.43% and while in 2017 inflation increased to 4.33%.

Fourth; the uneven inequality of individual income symbolized by Gini index in Central Sulawesi decreased from 0.347 points in 2016 to 0.345 points in 2017. Fifth; the poverty rate of Central Sulawesi has increased slightly. 14.09% in 2016, to 14.22% in 2017. Sixth; in terms of employment the open unemployment rate (TPT) in Central Sulawesi is relatively low compared to the national textile industry. Central Sulawesi TPT in 2017 amounted to 3.81% slightly increased compared to 2016 at 3.29%.

Seventh; from the perspective of educational and health development that is reflected as the success of social development. The improved HDI from 66.76 points in 2015 to 67.47 in 2016.

Eighth; the competitiveness rating of Central Sulawesi through University of Singapore's national research on competitiveness ranking and development strategy in 34 provinces in Indonesia, where the competitiveness of Central Sulawesi is measured based on 4 scopes of competitiveness elements ie macroeconomic stability, Central Sulawesi increased from 20th rank in 2015 being ranked 14th in 2016 and in 2017 to be ranked 12th.

The Minister of National Development Planning/Bappenas, Bambang Brodjonegoro conveyed the perspective of national development and the strategy of achieving national development goals with the theme of equitable development for quality growth with national priorities. Among others; the human development through poverty alleviation and improvement of basic services.

Furthermore, the reduction of inequality between regions and the increase of economic added value also the stabilization of economic resilience. Furthermore, the Minister of PPN/Bappenas conveyed the current condition of the national economy and also conveyed steps that will be implemented to achieve the target set.

The Minister of PPN/Bappenas expressed his expectation on Musrenbang is the importance of synergy between all levels of government and further expect Musrenbang to be focused on the implementation of multi-sector and territorial meetings to support synergy planning efforts between the central and regional.

The Minister of PPN/Bappenas expects discussion with the districts/municipalities to be considered in planning and more focused and integrated with the national priority programs and activities and needs to be reinforced the integration of good funding in the budgets, revenues and expenditures of the APBN and APBD.**

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