Central Sulawesi Faces Lots of Obstacles

First Day of UNBK

Reporter : Fharadiba / Ikhsan Madjido /
Bambang Sumantri / Ishak Alhakim

KAILIPOST.COM,- SULTENG- THE COMPUTER based National Exam (UNBK) in the Central Sulawesi Province is not as expected. Starting from the case of lack of computers, telecommunications networks are not good, resulting in the incorporation of examinees in one school, until the committee is not ready to bring computers and servers. The following are reported from the districts of Poso, Donggala, Morowali and Parigi Moutong. Here are the facts;

In Morowali District, various obstacles in the execution of the test experienced a number of schools. In SMA Negeri 2 Bungku, the execution of the test initially got a lack of 25 units of laptops. Fortunately, these obstacles can be overcomed by the Head of the Education Office in District, Amir Aminudin by borrowing laptops of teachers who are included in the program of assistance of one laptop one teacher.

'' It was originally there are obstacles, but Alhamdulillah specifically for SMA Negeri 2 Bungku, we have handled the lack of laptops as much as 25 units borrowed from the help of one laptop one teacher, so we can see for yourself the execution of the test today can be executed and ran well " Amir explained.

Meanwhile, in Madrasah Aliyah Negeri (MAN) 2 Bungku which is located in Ipi Village, Central Bungku District has not been able to carry out the test due to network disruption. So that the students must be willing to wait until the network back to work. Amir Aminudin who also went down directly to monitor the implementation of the exam continues to make coordination with the server in order the exam can still be implemented.

Separately, in SMA Negeri 1 Bungku Tengah, five rooms are used as a place for UNBK implementation because SMA Negeri South Bungku joined in due to the lack of network in the region. As many as 163 students of SMA Negeri South Bungku were forced to stay in four classrooms provided by SMA Negeri 1 Bungku Tengah.

Badarudin, a student of SMA Negeri Central Bungku said that he and his friends are willing to leave their hometown to follow UNBK in the hope of getting maximum results.

The implementation of UNBK in Morowali was also escorted by officers from PLN Rayon Bungku with generators to keep the engine if the power outages due to interference.

While in Parmout District reported that UNBK. In SMA Negeri 1 Parigi from the list of students who participated as many as 323 students, but one student did not seem to attend the implementation of UNBK on the grounds already married and brought to his husband's hometown.

'' This year's UNBK should be followed by 323 students divided into 111 IPS classes and 212 IPA classes, but today only followed by 322 courses because one student enrolled in the school did not attend, after we came from the school to confirm to the family, it turns out students had been married, and brought her husband to his hometown, "said Head of State Senior High School Parigi, Hariyadin who met a number of media when UNBK took place.

According to Hariyadin, the number of 322 students who participated in UNBK in the school was divided into three shifts, the classrooms used for small implementation, so it uses the Computer Lab room and language and School Library.

''The implementation of three shifts from morning, noon to afternoon. Each shift is up to two hours, and we use three rooms. Because of the small classrooms then facilities such as computers that exist only 50 units and the rest we borrow a laptop, so this test is implemented in stages, "he explained.

Despite the limitations with facilities, but Hariyadin admitted optimistic the implementation of UNBK in schools that lead will run smoothly, and the school also has prepared a number of needs in case of problems in the implementation of the exam. "The problem of electricity one day has not been any obstacles, the network is also good, if for example the electricity suddenly went out we have set up the generator to anticipate it," he said.

UNBK equivalent high school level was held simultaneously for four days from 9 to 12 April 2018. In the examination subjects tested such as Indonesian, Mathematics, English and one subject majoring in the last day, for the lesson majors katayadin explained, can choose one among subjects desired by students.

He hopes, if the previous year SMA Negeri 1 Parigi reach 100 percent graduation, this year also the school can repeat the achievement, by making various efforts to face UNBK this year. "Students who take this exam based on their preparations, we want success as expected," he added.

Reported in Banawa Donggala District, 150 students of SMAN 1 Banawa were forced to ride alongside UNBK in SMKN 1 Banawa. Because the computer as many as 50 units and three promised server used the exam in this school, until the day of H exam implementation has not also arrived at school.

Chairman of the UNBK SMAN 1 Banawa Examination Committee, Andi Mappiwali via social media messenger convey this during the execution of the test at SMKN 1 Banawa, Monday (9/4/2018). "It was also dead lights for 30 minutes, while students are examining. Today the Indonesian exam, tomorrow can already be known how the value obtained by students, "he reported. UNBK senior high school level until 12 April 2018.

In Kabupaten Poso, there is a difference with UNBK in this year. Based on the academic calendar of the Ministry of Education on 2-5 April UNBK is held in Vocational High School (SMK) and April 9-12 for senior high school level.

In the implementation of the UNBK MA Al Ikhlas accommodate three schools that will carry out the exam, namely SMA Alkhairaat Tongko, MA Alkhairaat Poso and SMA Muhamaddiyah Poso.

Head of MA Alikhlas Poso Ibrahim Ismail, S.Ag, M.M.H.I said, as many as 74 students who follow the UNBK is the number of four schools combined. He said the UNBK is divided into three (3) sessions, the first session is from Ma Alikhlas, Second session from SMA Alkhairaat Tongko, Third session from MA Alkhairaat Poso and SMA Muhammadiyah Poso. The subjects that tested this first day is the subjects of Bahasa Indonesia.

'' Because of the limitations of computer facilities in some schools, therefore, we as the responsible organizer of UNBK, facilitate and provide shelter for students who come from out of town in the implementation of the UNBK, "pungkas ibrahim

Meanwhile, Head of SMA Alkhairaat Tongko Yusran Matuna, S.Pd.I said, we are grateful to the responsible organizer of UNBK for his cooperation and have facilitated us with the residence for the students who will follow the UNBK. "Hopefully in the following years SMA Alkhairaat Tongko already implements UNBK at school itself and hopefully the students who follow the UNBK all graduate, '' he hoped.

To Kaili Post, a number of final students were interviewed, admitted that the implementation of UNBK is currently no problem because they already equipped with the simulation activities on March yesterday.** 

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