ESDM Waiting for the Written Report

The Case of Batu Gajah

Reporter : Zubair

KAILIPOST.COM,- PALU CITY- THE MINERAL Resources Energy Department (ESDM) of Central Sulawesi Province requests citizen's report in writing if it wishes to report mining activities in its allegedly illegal territory. Otherwise, the ESDM Department cannot take action or conduct an investigation. This is related to the excavation of stone in two places in Watusampu Village, Palu.

When met the reporter of Kaili Post on Monday (16/4) ago, one official in the field of General Mining admitted it is difficult to take action if there is no written report from the citizens. '' We are difficult to act if this is not in the form of a written report, "said one chief of section officers in the office.

Though it is not difficult to investigate the activity. The reason is in addition to the near distance, it also does not take long in conducting a review in a location that is fact in the field occurred. But we are doing based on the procedure, he said.

Initially, the reporters wanted to meet Head of General Mining Department of ESDM. However, because he is not available, one directly serve. When conveyed about the occurrence of confirmation of alleged illegal mining activity that is taking the stone elephant, the official's staff also collected the identity of Kaili Post.

Not long ago, the agency staff called a strong man suspected of having something to do with illegal mining in Watusampu. From behind the phone, there was a second conversation, that the person was asked to clarify at the provincial ESDM office, '' When can I wait for clarification of Mr. Darwis? asked the staff.

At that time, the staff asked Kaili Post to make a written report on the complaint of the exploitation of the elephant excavation in Wala River, Watusampu. He even said he would not conduct field investigations on the matter if it was reported only verbally instead of in writing, he said as their reference to step into the field.

The complexity of the bureaucratic system signifies the inequality of authority given to regional apparatus organizations that are believed to be able to overcome problems in the mining sector in Central Sulawesi. The slogan towards better service, standardized operational procedures system is not responsive to the problem was still ingrained in the body of bureaucrats, the Central Sulawesi Provincial ESDM office.

In accordance with the mandate of Law No. 4 of 2009, it is required that the competent authority to evaluate until the cessation of exploitation or exploration activities if it does not meet the requirements mandated by law.** 

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