From 2000 Teachers, Only 638 Corrected the Basic Education Data

Reporter/Parmout: Roy L. Mardani

KAILIPOST.COM,- PARMOUT- DUE TO The improvement of Basic Education Data (Dapodik), the teachers who receiving certification allowance 2018 in Parigi Moutong District (Parmout) are deadline until 31 March. Out of the total 2000 teachers receiving certification allowance for 2018, 638 of them have been declared to submit valid data in Dapodik application.

Head of Education and Culture (Disdikbud) of Parmout, Adrudin Nur to Kaili Post in his office said the deadline for data improvement is until March 31, 2018 before the issuance of Decision on Professional Allowance (SKTP). However, it remains to be ignored by teachers who have to make data corrective, it will promptly propose the names of the recipients of certification, whose data has been valid to the ministry.

In addition to problems with the primary salary, he said, there are also teachers who do not include length of service, regular salary and promotion should be given to school operators for input. It should be, not only the number of subjects included as data to be inputted, the number of teaching hours and others is also necessary.

''If the SKTP has been issued, the teachers can no longer make corrective to the basic salary when there is a change of periodic salary data or promotion. It should immediately be possible to report to the operator to be imported into Dapodik. So, when there is disbursement later, there will be no more problems, "he said.

He explained that after validating the data by the operators, in order to know the Dapodik sync, the teachers can access the information in the application of Teacher Education (GTK).

The reason, Dapodik is not the final data because the information of the categorized valid teacher data recipient of certification allowance is in GTK application.

However, if the list of teacher names receiving the certification allowance is not yet entered in the GTK application shall be checked back to the beginning. '' The improvement of data corrective should be a concern because its authority exists on school operators. The department only accepts data submitted by the ministry for follow-up. 

It will then be forwarded to the school operator.  In our service, we do not do the input. The occurrence of delay in the distribution of certification up to two stages due to data submitted by the teachers has not been valid. When everything is valid according to the provisions, then there is no delay in the payment of stages one and two if the data do not get errors, "he explained.** 

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