Ornamental Fishing in Massive Parmout

Reporter/Parmout: Roy L. Mardani

KAILIPOST.COM,- PARMOUT- CATCHING Fishing in Parigi Moutong District (Parmout), seems to be getting worse and as if it can not be stopped. Imagine, an ornamental fish catching company operating in Parmout Regency holds a known permit from the relevant agency in the province.

Worse yet, coral reefs were also taken by the company when doing ornamental fishing. The head of the Marine and Fisheries Service (DKP) of Parmout, Sabarudin Killis confirmed that it confirmed the increasingly severe fishing of the ornamental fish.

He admitted receiving many reports from the community related to ornamental fishing by one of these companies. In response to the report, DKP Parmout has made several attempts, including issuing a letter of reprimand to the owner of the company to immediately stop its activities.

However, when coming directly, it turns out the ornamental fish catching company licensed the operation issued by related agencies at the provincial level. In fact, it is clear that the ornamental fishing activities should not get the operating license because it destroys the underwater biota.

"I have forgotten the name of the company, which is clear, we have come to the company, it turns out they pocketed the permit issued by related agencies at the provincial level, that I have also reported at the provincial level," he said.

According to him, the rules of authority related to the handling of the sea waters of the tomini bay is causing difficulties for it to crack down on activities that destroy marine life such as ornamental fishing and coral reefs.**

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