The Budget Body and Commission I Is Not Prudent in Monitoring RSUD

Reporter/Donggala : Zubair

KAILIPOST.COM,- DONGGALA- The Budget Body (Banggar) and the commission I of DPRD Donggala have not been thoughtful to see the importance of public health services through budget policy. Banggar party and commission I still have different views until Banggar reluctant in pouring the budget. The Chairman of Commission I, Abubakar Aljufrie with members of the Budget Board (Banggar), DPRD Donggala, Taufik argued in the government committee work space unable to allocate the hospital budget with various problems.

Abubakar disagreed with Taufik's assertion that Banggar deliberately no longer proportionate the budget to the hospital because the hospital management was judged to be inconsistent with the budget policy provided with the spent. Where the health service is more concerned with the procurement of vehicles rather than for hospital financing.

Previously, Taufik also clarified the problem of budget and hospital programs that stagnate the minimal budget this year. It is due to the previous manager in managing the budget which means not in accordance with the budget post allocation. The second meeting was inadvertently done in the commission room I DPRD of Donggala, and mutual sarcastic about the hospital led to a debate. 

Added Taufik, the budget allocation according to him for the health sector has been charged by 10 percent of APBD funds and DAK allocation which has been outlined in the framework of APBD from year to year. According to him, it is the duty of Commission I in overseeing partners including health and hospital services.

Responding to Abubakar Aljufrie who considered that the government and DPRD especially the budget body do not think narrowly to the complexity of the problems faced, including the relation to budgeting in basic services such as hospitals. The reason was just as mortgaging and sacrificing the people because they directly felt the health problem is the community.

"I do not agree to mention the budget portion that is no longer allocated to the hospital either likes or dislikes because it is the same as sacrificing the people," he said. Health affairs are obligatory for anyone as well as head of the region. Therefore, Abu said it is the constitutional instruction because it becomes a super priority affair.

There are five crucial issues that should not be delayed which must be followed up this year. First; the waste that accumulated as much as 5 tons must be handled before this becomes a big business and sought the way out. Second; the accreditation of status to be clarified to the hospital should not be an auxiliary hospital. This problem has been delayed for years and there is no response to be completed until now. Third; the problem of damaged medical waste (incinerator). Fourth; regarding honorariums for non-civil servant medical personnel and lastly, the improvement of basic services to the community.

From the data gathered, in 2017 the government allocated at least Rp6, 9 billion for the program activities in hospitals. However, in the budget changes during the year remain only Rp3, 6 billion more.

Meanwhile, the honorarium budget also allocated funds amounting to Rp525 million. The question is whether the budget has reached the hospital or not. Because the fully responsible is handled by Regional Financial Management Agency. This was reinforced by various problems posed by the executor of the Kabelota Hospital's duty managers who demanded various problems at the hospital during the hearing on Friday (6/4) last week. 

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