Starting The Duty by Holding The National Awareness Day Ceremony

Reporter/North Morowali : Pariaman Tambunan

KAILIPOST.COM,- MOROWALI and North Morowali District which runs the authority of Morowali Police undergo a shift leadership. The old police chief, Edward Indharmawan was replaced by AKBP Dadan Wahyudi who was handed over at Central Sulawesi Headquarter on April 16, 2018.

(18/04/2018) Dadan leads the National Awareness Day ceremony at Morowali Police Office as well as introducing himself in his ranks. The ceremony was attended by the Vice Chief of Police, Safri Helmi, Heads of Sub-district, Head of Section, officers, and other members.

Dadan conveys national awareness one of the efforts to keep the spirit of devotion in order to improve the discipline of korsa soul and loyalty and togetherness as a member of the Police. Particularly, in the Morowali Police area. ‘’For that we realize and honestly acknowledge, that here and there are still many shortcomings of us, both visible and that we feel. It is of course our joint responsibility for the existing shortcomings we can improve, '' hoping the Police.

Dadan Wahyudi reminded all his personnel at Polres Morowali to be wise in addressing the issues,  both in the internal police and who are in the neighborhood community. '' Keep internal solidity, eliminate mutual suspicion and blame, keep the unity and unity of the Police, perform tasks according to their roles, functions and responsibilities. Also I reminded again that no one can improve the Police, except all of us who are in this organization, from the highest to the lowest rank. Therefore, let us introspect ourselves and commit ourselves to remind each other's performance.** 

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