The Candidate Pairs of DPD Must Submit 2000 ID Cards

Reporter : Firmansyah

KAILIPOST.COM,- PALU- THE LEGISLATIVE Candidate of the Regional Representative Council (DPD) of Central Sulawesi is required to submit proof of vote support, in the form of copy of KTP at least two thousand voters. 

"This is in accordance with the election law which requires the Province of Central Sulawesi with a population of two and eight million inhabitants, then the DPD election participants are obliged to deposit the support proof as much as two thousand ID cards," explained the Chairman of the General Election Commission, Sahran Raden during Socialization of the individual nomination of DPD RI Participants Election Year 2019 held at Santika Hotel Palu (31/3/2018).

The distribution of support areas, at least 50 percents of the number of districts/cities in Central Sulawesi. That is, minimal voice support comes from seven regions from 13 districts/cities that exist. The Central Sulawesi Provincial Election Commission does not restrict the applicant's quota to DPD participants. "The General Election Commission does not limit the number of applicants who want to compete to become DPD election participants in 2019. But the law also states that the number of seats being contested or available for each province is only four," he added.

The General Election Commission will establish a help desk team and operators to perform factual verification, as well as research evidence administration to support candidates for legislative elections of DPD. The submission of support evidence will begin from 22 to 26 April and the stipulation of a permanent candidate who has passed the administrative file verification and eligible for the election will be determined by September 2018.

"This socialization aims to provide information to prospective election participants of DPD, as well as competent tools related to the minimum submission requirements of each candidate pair, as well as other mechanisms in the area of elections simultaneously in 2019. This activity is expected to increase the insights and the input for them, "he said.**

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