The Elephant Stone Did 'Barter' for Normalization

Reporter : Zubair

KAILIPOST.COM,- FEW Residents questioned the normalization activities of the Wala River, Watusampu Village, Ulujadi sub-district Palu City. One company with barter take Elephant Stone material that is in the river to be supplied to the Palu River precisely in the Kaleke Village.

The reason is only with the decision of the customary council, LPM, and local heads, the activity is legalized. As a result, Head of Watusampu Village, withdraw the decision and suspend temporary activities for polemic reasons in the community.

This is evidence from the results of meetings of a number of community leaders, and RT / RW in the village office on Monday (09/04/2018) last night. One of the residents of Watusampu, Sharif, insisted that this activity be stopped and he refused the existence of reclaimed guise but there is buying and selling of elephant stone.

There should be a procedure taken before the activities take place, for example there is a permit from the provincial Mining Service, the spatial planning department of Palu, and the Central Sulawesi River Region (BWSS) III of Central Sulawesi, to review directly before proceeding.  Moreover, the approval of local residents affected in the river flow.

To be known, there is about one Kilometer long river channel approved by the village and community empowerment institutions, for normalization activities. While the transport of material has reached 400 retase, and formed a new barrier about 30 meters.

According to him, Head of Watusampu sub-district, Purnama, based on the decision result of that night meeting, responded to the request of the citizens to review directly where the location of the Wala River is normalized. The request was delivered by Wisran, the resident affected in RT 2 / RW 3 Watusampu Village, District Ulujadi Palu.

According to Wisran, to know how severe the condition of the river with the occurrence of siltation with the risk of being impacted by observers to the location so it can be concluded. There are a number of rules that are passed on the recommendation to normalize the river, namely Law No. 7 About river flow, Law No. 4 about Minerba, PP No. 23 about Mining Activities.** 

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