The Special Committee Appreciation of PU City Performance

Reporter : Firmansyah

KAILIPOST.COM,- PALU CITY- THE SPECIAL Committee (Pansus) meetings of DPRD Palu with agenda the Report Statement of Accountability ("LKPJ") of alu Mayor give appreciation to the Public Works Department of Palu city for the development and road improvements which reached 99 percent in the city of Palu today, on (26/4/2018).

‘’From the accountability report, we received at page 93, related data development roads in some areas of the city of Palu is good and complete. With this, I give an appreciation to the city of PU because some of the roads listed in the details of the development of fiscal year 2017 has been done. Yesterday I've surveyed some of these roads, Thank God everything is good,’’ said Ronald Member of Commission A.

Another member of the special committee Jopie Alfi Kekung also agrees with the statement of his Pansus partners in infrastructure development. Especially the road in the city of Palu. According to him, the performance of the Municipal Public Works Office has exceeded their expectations as a partner institution of the City Government. 

But he also hopes that in the future there is an equality, especially the development and repair of road infrastructure. In order for the entire city community can feel it. '' Examples such as in South Birobuli District. For about six years the road has not been touched. Therefore through Kadis PU we hope that Malaya and Sintuvu road to be considered as well, '' he said.

The same thing also expressed by members of other pansus, Danawira Asri. According to him, the improvement of development and improvement of roads in Palu is very significant. But he also hopes that the road development program for the next is also through the crawling of the results of the Palu DPRD members. '' We hope the aspirations of the community should not be ignored, if not in this year we can make a change. This means that the aspirations of the community should not be dipped because of other programs from the government. Because it is also in direct contact with the community,’’ he concluded.** 

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