The Weather Of Palu Is too Hot, Here is The Cause

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"Huuu, napane and naporo bingit eo pangane hi" (a hot sun today). That's how the citizens of Palu feel the heat of the weather, both in cyberspace and in the real world. Yes, the city of Palu is famous for its hot weather. But these weeks, the heat is unlike other days? 

Even at night, though it rained a little, it is still sultry, which makes the hot feeling from within our bodies. What is this phenomenon really? Based on BMKG information, there are several factors that affect the conditionn include the pseudo motion of the sun that is currently located around the equator and moving towards the northern hemisphere or vice versa. Until the occurrence of heat from the sun that accompanied the period of dry air and still weak wind blowing, causing hot conditions sting and stifling.

Even not only during the day, at night the body feels hot. This is due to the descending heat wave from the top of the mountain range, the event of a nighttime heatwave triggered by the heat trapped in the air humidity. As the humidity rises, the air temperature also increases, causing the body to become hot and sticky.

The air with high humidity has a concentration of water in the air much more, than the concentration of water in the body. It will result in some water that the body does not need (mostly in the form of sweat and urine) will be more difficult to evaporate because it is stuck to get out. This is what causes the body to feel hot and hot.

So that, te needs to panic and complain. Always grateful, as this is already commonplace. Nature always changes weather. It's hard to predict, because there's power behind it all. With limited human knowledge, analysis of nature can not be perfect. Moreover, just rely on a prediction that the truth can not be used as a handle.

Well, how is the solution? The solution is to drink with plenty of water, because with water quality, very good for the body, such as water containing minerals and electrolytes, the body will return fresh. But be careful when drinking with water other than minerals, usually just suppress the thirst while a few minutes later the thirst will come back again.

Not only drink water containing electrolytes, by eating refreshing fruits will also reduce the sultry feeling, such as watermelons, cucumbers, melons and so forth. Do not forget to drink young coconut water. Hopefully this info is useful ya kabilasa nte randa, it seems exciting drinking mineral water today is more delicious, kamaimo manginu uve ranindi.** 

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