Christians of Central Sulawesi Asked to Remain Tolerant

Sumber/Editor : Madjido

CHAIRMAN of the Christian Church Synod of Central Sulawesi (GKST) Reverend Jetroson Rense, M.Th asked all Christians in his area to keep tolerance and not provoked by bombing incidents in three churches in Surabaya.

"This is not an attack on behalf of religion, but attacks from groups that want to disturb Indonesia's diversity well-preserved so far," he said when contacted by his mobile phone on Sunday, (13/5/2018).

When asked for his response to a bombing case at a church in Surabaya when the congregation was performing a worship service on Sunday (13/5) morning, Reverend Rense said that the event was very disturbing and disturbing the harmony of life among religious communities that have been going well for this.

"However, church residents, especially GKST, should not be provoked and provoked by the event, and give full trust and support to law enforcement officials in handling terrorism cases," said the synod leader of the largest church denomination in Central Sulawesi.

He also urged the government, especially the security apparatus, to immediately reveal the case of the bombing that killed the worshiping church people and arrested and punished them fairly.

To the families of the victims of the bomb blast, Jet Rense on behalf of all GKST residents expressed their deep condolences and pray for them to remain strong in the face of this ordeal and those who are still being treated in the hospital can recover quickly.

Meanwhile, Chairman of the Inter-church Deliberation Council (Bamag) of Palu City Dr Loddy Surentu regretted the bombing in three churches in Surabaya and expressed his condolences to the families of the dead and sympathy to the injured victims.

"We hope the police officers can immediately reveal the case and process the law fairly the perpetrators without favoritism," said Loddy.

Considering that terrorism is a crime against humanity, Bamag Kota Palu asks President Joko Widodo and the House Leadership of the House of Representatives to immediately realize the Law on Terrorism in accordance with the international standardized law of terrorism, as applicable in Malaysia and Egypt.

The church residents of Palu City pray for the ranks of the Indonesian Police who have just tested their maturity level in facing terrorism case in Rutan Batur Headquarters of Brimob Kelapa Dua Jakarta to remain enthusiastic in fighting terrorism actors in Indonesia to the end for the integrity of NKRI.**

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