Governor: Da’i do Not do Practical Politics

Source: Pr Of Provincial Goverment

GOVERNOR Longki Djanggola reminded the provincial Ramadhan Safari team not to plung to practical politic while delivering the da'wah. Ramadan and provincial safari team established TP-PKK cooperation and Central Sulawesi Provincial Office of Ministry of Religious Affairs.

'’As a Governor, I advise that da'i in accordance with the direction of the father of the Minister of Religious Affairs so that in the lecture does not engage in practical politics. Although many other opinions can also have politics in the mosque, but what kind of politics that they discuss. The clever ustadz brings himself, "he said in remarks release the team of i Ramadhan Safari in the governor's office, Siranindi (19/05/2018) last week.

According to the governor, it needs to be conveyed considering there are three districts that are conducting a democratic party to elect the regional head / deputy head of the region ie Donggala, Parigi Moutong and Morowali.

In relation to recent cases of terrorism, the governor asked the da'is to help calm the community into being less affected, let them alone participate in similar actions. The society should continue to be invited to tolerate others.

While the Chairman of MUI Palu City Prof. Dr. H Zaenal Abidin, M.Ag in his lecture said that Islam has the meaning of delivering goodness and invites to goodness, not to deliver bombs to others but to bring goodness to other people's day.

While Kakanwil Ministry of Religious Affairs Central Sulawesi, Rusman Langke reminded that the dai's duty is to provide enlightenment to the people and motivation that is rahmatan lil alamin. "I hope we all can also maintain a conducive situation that has been created well in Central Sulawesi so far," he said.**

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