The Revenue of Donggala Tourism Sector Has not been Reached

Reporter / Donggala : Zubair

KAILIPOST.COM,- DONGGALA- The Regional Own-Source Revenue (“PAD”) of the tourism sector in the Donggala Government was not achieved according to the target. Of the target plan of Rp375 million, it was only realized amounting to Rp246 million. It was recognized by Head of Department of Tourism Donggala District, Sajaun Thursday (26/04/2018) yesterday.

Of the target of Rp375 million, he said that it was realized in 2017 only 66.3% or Rp246 million. Such receipts are from taxes and rental lodging, and assets managed in Tanjung Karang. While the 2017 budget for this service amounted to Rp1, 9 billion more, with the realization of Rp1, 536 million or realized amounted to 97.12%.

One of the financing focus of Tourism Department in 2017, is the red and white house at the Gonenggate Pavilion. I admit, the declaration of Donggala as City Tour on November 2017 then cost less than Rp900 million more. The promotion of tourism is admitted not yet focused. Because of far from expectations. So far, the promotion is through the social media. 

The constraints investors invested in the Donggala tourism sector was due to the expensive pay permit building (“IMB”). To note that the construction of swimming pool and futsal field, as well as home in Gonenggate Stadium during the year 2016 and 2017 considered redundant. 

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