Requesting a Road to the Province, Needs Budget Capability

Reporter : Firmansyah

KAILIPOST.COM,- PALU- The City Government needs to re-examine the efforts of the application for transferring the status of provincial roads into city roads status. Secondly, the importance of legalizing the status of provincial roads that have been submitted to the city. It is important to take into account the ability of the budget to improve and maintain. As stated by the member of Commission A of DPRD Palu, Ikbal Andi Magga on the sidelines of the meeting of Special Committee of DPRD with Local Government Organization (“OPD”), on Thursday (26/4/2018).

“Definitely, this is an additional asset of Palu city. It is very interesting and worthy of appreciation. But the other side, we need to calculate the potentiality of the budget. If the provincial road has become part of the municipal government, it is not just the builder that must be established yet also the maintenance costs. Therefore, we hope that the provinces provide grant funds related to the road so that the entire burden is not only covered by the City Government. In previous years, the grant funds did exist. But two years ago were no longer existed, '' explained Ikbal.

In addition, according to Ikbal, the legality of several provincial assets transferred to the City Government such as I Gusti Ngurah Rai road park, Ki Maja Streetr, urban forest, KONI assets were immediately being concrete. Because there is a proposal about the development plan of the ball field and sports center in the location that has transferred its management to the municipal government.

Until now, the legality of the assets transfer to the City Government has not existed. There is no legal force to ban when the KONI plan is realized. Therefore, Ikbal provides motivation to the related WTO and the City Government to prioritize the legality of the surrender. It is also intended to avoid conflicts of interest to these assets.

The governor himself according to Ikbal still submitted a proof of management of some of these assets. But for the legality does not exist. It also needs a coordination between the provincial and municipal government related to it as we learned in East Java Province. Where the Governor made a black agreement on white with the Mayor of Surabaya, that the assets that have been submitted to the city government cannot be intervened again by the provincial government, '' he explained. 

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