Sabar : Choose a Candidate That Has ID Card And Local Boy of Region

Reporter : Roy L. Mardani
THE CLOSING Statement of candidate pair, Samsurizal Tombolotutu - Badrun Nggai (SABAR) for the voters in Parigi Moutong elections to be more intelligent and to vote for ID cards and local boys to protest. The statement was disclosed when closing the Public Debate event last week in Siendeng Village, Bolano Lambunu Sub-district.

As it is known, closing the second round debate, each candidate pair is given a moderator opportunity to provide the closing statement. The practical room of the debate was tense and somewhat rowdy by shouts of supporters.

The criticism and sharp spotlight were instantly sprung from the supporters of Erwin Burase - Rahmawati M. Nur (ERA-BARU) and H. Amrullah Ahmadali -Hj. Yufni Bungkudampu (AMIN). The criticism of a number of supporters of ERA-Baru and AMIN is not without reason, but because of where in the closing statement, SABAR tells people to be more intelligent and choose candidates who have identity card and the original son of Parigi Moutong (Parmout).

In fact, the candidate pair, SABAR's statement was immediately responded by the supporters of ERA-BARU and AMIN at the end of the second round of public debate. In fact, one of the ERA-NEW supporters shouted for the candidate pair SABAR to be expelled from the candidate's candidates because he was considered to be issuing words that were considered to contain SARA issues and did not provide good political education.

According to Riswan who is one of the winning team of the candidate pair, AMIN said, in the local election of Parmout community basically chose a leader not from the domicile. In fact, the statement conveyed by the candidate pair SABAR it was considered very provocative. Thus, it is natural that the statement immediately reap the reaction of AMIN and ERA-NEW supporters. "Supposedly, the supervisory committee immediately addressed it and gave a reprimand when it saw it. If it is necessary to be disqualified from the participants because the statement is not very educative, "he said.

In response, Samsurizal Tombolotutu said, the people should choose a person who is domiciled in Parmout. Asked whether his statement was whether it was a violation or not, Samsurizal firmly admitted that it was not an offense.

In fact, what he submitted to the closing statement is part of the the candidate pair SABAR speech campaign because it is clearly a fact. According to him, the statement does not offend the individual and it is considered reasonable. "Unless I mention A or B, it's not natural. The citizens of Parmout, must choose Parmout's ID card, "he explained.

Meanwhile, the Coordinator of Legal Division and Action of Panwaslu Parmout, Iskandar Mardani said, it will be reviewed again by it. Similarly, the candidate pair's submission is criticized at the first public debate, held in Sausu Sub-district, from word-to-word and sentence meaning.

In fact, to conduct an assessment of the statements submitted by the candidate pair is a mandatory task of Electoral Supervisory Committee (“Panwaslu”). Asked if there was evidence of a violation that occurred later, Iskandar explained, in accordance with Bawaslu 14 Rules, whether it is included in the administrative domain, code of ethics or could be into the criminal realm.

By him, he was very hopeful, in the third round of debate later, the discussion in accordance with the theme. ‘’It will be seen, what kind of results they are. Moreover, before the implementation of the third public debate, there will be a coordination meeting,’’ he said.**

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