The ASN People of Local Hospital Allegedly Suspected as Drug Dealers

Reporter / Morowali : Bambang Sumantri

KAILIPOST.COM,- MOROWALI- The National Narcotics Agency (BNN) of Morowali district managed to capture one of the suspected drug dealer of shabu-type in Central Bungku District recently. The man with the initials DS who is an ASN at Morowali Hospital was arrested when BNNK of Morowali conducted a raid on the home base of the perpetrator who was in Matansala Village, Central Bungku District.

According to the statement, from the interrogation while the investigator of BNNK Morowali, Brigpol Rulmiadi said that from the hands of the perpetrators, the BNNK Morowali managed to secure two packages of Shabu weighing 1.46 grams. In addition, the home base of perpetrators were found the digital scales.

The acting official (Plt), Head of Eradication section of BNNK Morowali, Dani Panyili when found in his office explained, the perpetrator was arrested on 12 April 2018 at midnight, after receiving reports from the people living around the home base.

"The perpetrators had been secured and still followed the process of investigation and then carried out the development, according to temporary information from the perpetrators, he got the shabu-shabu from a big dealer that we have pocketed his identity, '' said Dani.

The investigators suspected, the perpetrator is estimated to be one of the big cities in Morowali District. Because of the results of a temporary investigation, DS admitted that since November 2017 to April 2018, he has managed to sell shabu-shabu in the Morowali Districts approximately 175 grams.

"The interrogation result, the perpetrator admitted to the first time to work since November 2017, and he also admitted directly take the type of shabu methamphetamine as much as three bales or about 150 grams in Makassar City, after successfully bring in Narcotics type of methamphet to Morowali District, directly in selling shabu to buyers, '' he explained.

Added, the perpetrator claimed to have managed to sell the entire shabu in Morowali approximately 500 grams or a pound of gram. '' We are still doing the development, I suspect DS is a big boss as arrested the perpetrators in the home base, we found a lot of plastic clips that allegedly place a package of narcotics type of sabu before being sold to buyers. As for the courier, from the description of the perpetrator he also uses a courier to sell, but mostly he himself who sells directly to buyers. For the boss of the perpetrator, we are investigating and we will try to catch it in a not too long time, '' he said.

Separately, the acting official of Head of BNNK Morowali, Nursalam via cellular phone confirmed that it has reported DS to Morowali Regent, Anwar Hafid as the superior of the regional leader because the relevant status as ASN.

"We have arrested the information from the community and because the DS is an ASN, we have also submitted the arrest to the Regent, we are very grateful because Mr. Regent gave a positive response so that the perpetrators will be punished according to the regulations," he said.

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