The Rise of Village Owned-Enterprise Pick-Up Cars Needed to be Evaluated

Reporter / Donggala: Zubair
PROFIT Is the spirit of a business. Because it contains economic concepts, capital and profit and loss. This is a concern to the board in managing village funds to village-owned enterprises (“Bumdes”). The case of the purchase of four-wheeled vehicles, Bumdes whether to impact on out come? What is the output? and income of a village.
Speaking of Bumdes, the government should conduct an evaluation and monitoring in the management of state money entrusted to the village. Thus expressed by Chairman of Commission I DPRD Donggala, Abubakar Aljufrie Wednesday (09/05/2018).
Abubakar is concerned over the management of ADD and DD funds in Donggala with the case of the four-wheeled vehicles purchases. In fact, it should be the attention of the village government and Bumdes in conducting economic studies. '' What is the profit side and there is no loss to be considered regarding the spending of the four-wheeled vehicles. There should be the business analysis, "he said.
There are advantages side he said, if the condition of the village desperately need a vehicle for transportation and other businesses in the village. However, if it does not exist, then there is only a loss. Because not a little funds that are used either the operational side of vehicle maintenance in the village that held a vehicle for the village business entity.
The proliferation of the purchase of four-wheeled vehicles open type with the pretext for business in the village is very apprehensive. Because there are a number of villages such vehicles have been damaged and cannot be enabled.
The question after that is what can be done by the village government, and bumdes pengelolah whether to give subsidies to the bumdes board while the income for the village is not clear. The local government said it should give a positive perception of village governance in the management of village funds including how to manage the business entities belonging to the village of Bumdes. So the subsidy of village funds to Bumdes other than useful, there is a profit value in it.
According to Abu, what is expected by the central government of the region towards infrastructure and economic development starting from the village can be realized and maximized as expected. "Because according to him, the budget program disbursed through the largest village funds disbursed by the central government, this should be beneficial to the community," he said.
There are also villages that are well targeted in buying a four-wheeled vehicle because of the potential and the conditions of the village in desperate need. But not a few villages that have been abysmal because it is not at all advantageous, because it does not produce anything.

Separately, the Head of the Village Community Empowerment Service (PMD) of Donggala District, Lutfia Mangun to Kaili Post explained that Bumdes's evaluation is the domain of the village head and the Village Consultative Board (BPD). 
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