Caddy Perusda of Palu Is Tested For Eligibility

reporter: ikhsan toili
THE CITY Council was tested the feasibility of three candidates for Director of regional company ("Perusda") Palu. The three names are Ir. Suarman, LS, MSi, Widioni, SE, MM, Wibowo Syafii, S. Sos. Three names that have been through the screening process by the Mayor of Palu to then submitted to Parliament Palu in this case the Commission B to further feasibility testing in the form of interviews by the leadership of the board and Commission B.

After the feasibility test, the city council will recommend a name to the Mayor. The recommendation will be considered by the Mayor to establish by a Mayor's decree (SK). "Some questions will be asked when the feasibility test to them among them their vision and mission, then what they will do so that they can increase PAD of Palu" said Ishak.

He said the main condition of the candidate for Director of Perusda of Palu City is to be independent. Perusda Director Candidate must not join any political party. If caught then by itself the candidate is dead.
"Because our local regulation on local companies requires that Perusda Director candidates should get recommendations and considerations from the DPRD, so before the Mayor decided there was a consideration in our recommendation," said Ishak, a Golkar Party politician.** 
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