Delegation of BAP DPD RI Visited Central Sulawesi

Source: PR Of Provincial Government

THERE ARE Nine delegates of the Public Accountability Bodies (BAP) of the Regional Representative Council of the Republic of Indonesia (DPD RI) paid a working visit to Central Sulawesi, directly received by Governor Longki Djanggola at the Polibu Office of the Governor's Office last week (13/07/2018).

The nine delegations, namely Daryati Uteng, a senator from Jambi, Ibrahim Agustinus Medah, NTT senator, Mamberob Yosephus Rumakiek, West Papua Senator Iskandar Muda Baharuddin Lopa, senator from West Sulawesi Abdurrahman Abubakar Bahmid, senator from Gorontalo Oka Ratmadi, senator from Bali Marhany Pua, senator from North Sulawesi Andi Muhammad Ihsan, senator from South Sulawesi and as head of the delegation and host of Shaleh Muhammad Aldjufri.

The DPD also has other fittings called Public Accountability Bodies (BAPs) which the work teams are present today. BAP DPD conducted a casuistic supervision. This means that two sources of input to the BAP, the first input is from the BPK RI audit results, which in the 1945 Constitution Article 23E stated that the BPK RI audit results are followed up by the representative institution.

And secondly, in addition to having the task to follow up the results of BPK audit, BAP DPD RI also has the duty to accommodate and receive complaints of public complaints, especially related to alleged corruption and mal administration in public service. Associated with this, DPD also participate in supervision with all agencies.

The head of the delegation team, Habib Shaleh acknowledged that the meeting held not only to carry out supervisory or control functions, but also to support in terms of accommodating what aspirations and problems faced by the regions.

Meanwhile, Governor Longki hoped that the districts who get the records and findings from the BPKP Team of Central Sulawesi representative to immediately follow up the findings. It is expected that the findings from BPKP team that have been reported to the BAP team of DPD RI then get the solution in accordance with the rules and the applicable law.

In essence, each district that has received a note from the BPKP of the Central Sulawesi Representative has followed up on the findings, then submitted the report to the BAP DPD RI Team for further guidance. The present Head of BPKP Central Sulawesi, Assistant of General Administration and Organization, Assistant Adm. Economy, Development and Welfare, Head of Public Relations and Protocol Bureau, Poso District Government, Sigi District, Parigi Moutong District, Morowali District and North Morowali District, and other related officials.**
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