GKST Youth Anniversary in Coastal Poso Sangginora

Reporter/Poso: Ishak Hakim

The 69th anniversary of GKST Youth in coastal Poso was centered in the field of Sangginora Village, South Coastal Poso Sub-district last week. This activity was officially opened by Vice Regent Samsuri. This activity is a momentum for the revival of the young generation of GKST to unite the determination and high commitment as a young man who loves the diversity and pluralism in Bumi Sintuwu Maroso.

The 69th Anniversary of GKST Youth in coastal Poso, also made as one of the pillars and pioneers of the regional development that must be able to answer the challenges of the present and the future by giving the best contributions, based on a strong Christian faith, spread love among religious people without making difference as a barrier but as a force to strengthen the unity in an effort to advance Tana Poso in the future.

In the opening ceremony of GKST Youth Anniversary also attended by the House of Representatives Muhidin Muhammad Said, Vice Chairman of the DPRD Poso Suharto Kandar together with a number of other members of Parliament Poso. One of them was Mariones Biralino or known by Mambe who is the General Secretary of GKST Synod, and also Kristin PG Sigilipu Chairman of FKPPI in Poso District.

Besides, there were Poso Coastal figures, Makmur, Leaders of Community Organizations, Tripika Village elements as well as God's servants from the coastal Poso. The current anniversary with theme "Youth GKST is Ready to Advance in Self-Regeneration and Life Quality". This may be a reference for us together to live a better quality, also synergize and can accelerate with the Regional Government to realize the ideals of the people of Poso District who are smart and dignified through the real works based on Christian faith.

The celebration of this event will be filled with various matches in the field of art and sports that lasted for several days. In his speech, Vice Regent Samsuri expects that this celebration will be able to give fresh air for the creation of reliable human resource quality as the development actors in Tana Poso while reminding that all parties are able to control themselves by keeping together and be a testimony of faith for the glory of God's name.

Muhidin appreciated this activity as the possibility of building the sportsmanship for the young generation as the next generation of the region. Because it is a positive mental development activity that should be preserved in order to harmonize and synergize with Local Government so that development activities in the region can be easily implemented because of support from various parties, especially youth as the backbone of the region.**
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