Government Facilitates The Bebunyian Sintuvu Festival

reporter: ikhsan madjido
BEBUNYIAN Sintuvu Central Sulawesi became one of the nine festivals that will be facilitated by the central government in a professional manner with the concept of Indonesiana 2018, a platform supporting the governance of sustainable art and culture activities and networking.
To strengthen this mentoring, on Tuesday (3/7/2018) a signing of the MOU (MOU) of the Indonesian Culture Platform, in Kemendikbud Jakarta.

The other eight festivals that will be managed by the concept of Indonesiana in 2018 a.l. Festival Fulan Fehan in Belu, Saman Cultural Festival at Gayo Luwes, Aceh, Int'l Gamelan Festival in Central Java, Multatuli Arts Festival, Banten, Silek Arts Festival (Sumbar), Folklore Festival, Blora, and Amboina In'tl Music Festival at Maluku.

This festival will be held on August 10 until October 2018 is called sintuvu sounds because the entire festival will be held to produce sounds that produced together. "These activities include the Palu percussion festival, the bungi sound festival in the district Sigi, the traditional festival with vula donga festival in Parimo, traditional culture festival of Poso at Poso. For the festival the name of "the sound sintuvu of Central Sulawesi," said Head of Culture Office of Education and Culture (Dikbud) Central Sulawesi Province, Dr Rahman Ansyari, M. Pd, via WA message to Kaili Post, Wednesday (4 / 7/2018).

According to him, MoU Indonesiana was signed by the mayor of Palu, sekab Parmout, Regent of Poso, Vice Regent of Sigi and Kadis Dikbud Province. Facilitation of local festival governance through the concept of Indonesiana is done considering so far although so many festivals held in various regions, the quality is still very varied, has no standard.

"Most of the festival quality is minimal because it was never thought about, why it was held. Will it be crowded or not, and who will be watching ?. Missions to revive did not exist, "Rahman said.
The concept of Indonesiana is based on Law no. 5 of 2017 on the Promotion and improvement of cultural governance in Articles 43 and 44 of the Law are mentioned, in the promotion of culture, the central and regional governments are tasked with enabling and maintaining a sustainable cultural ecosystem.

Since the enactment of the law, a number of local governments, both provinces, districts, and municipalities have enrolled in the Indonesiana program and of the 28 festival types registered, selected nine festivals considered potential for strengthening in publication, curatorial, stage and performance.

Quoting the Directorate General of Culture Kemendikbud, Rahman Ansyari agreed that the key condition for the success of the festival is a curator who must be trusted. Many areas so far have always depended on the bupati, the mayor or the governor. "With regard to festivals, they must submit to the curator to translate it," he said.**
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