Hijab With Logo 'Pemkab' Controversy in Poso

Reporter: Ramdan Otoluwa

THE UNIFORMITY Plan of wearing hijab in the ASN neighborhood of Poso District began to become a serious controversy in the community. The regency judged that it was still a discourse. However, the council questioned the circulation of photos 'like' ASN Government using Headscarves bearing the logo of the Poso District’.

On his social media account, one of the members of the DPRD of Poso, Iskandar Lamuka admitted questioning it to the Vice Regent Samsuri yesterday (12/07/2018) at the plenary session of the DPRD. He wrote it, '' In the Plenary Session of DPRD Poso this afternoon, I convey interruption questioned about the policy of Hijab logo of Poso District symbol by Poso Government. I am wondering whether the Local Regulation is allowed. The Deputy Regent of Poso, ir. Samsuri replied to my interruption: That the hijab bearing the logo of the symbol of the region is still a discourse, not yet implemented, still on the plan, still limited to the idea, its spirit to be uniform, orderly. 

From the explanation of Mr. Vice Regent, it turns out there is a renc policy local leaders to carry out the renc. Although it is still a discourse, but printing has been done. Because of the polemic then the hijab is pulled back, this is a reckless plan and not through a careful consideration. Hopefully, the learning is valuable. ''

According to him, the district government should be able to distinguish the phrase of the discourse with the facts on the field about the number of hijab models photos that already have a picture of Poso Government logo. '' Then, why does the discourse have many photos? Although it is a discourse and has been printed, then it should be withdrawn, '' he suggested.

Iskandar’s page immediately filled with pro and cons comments. One of them is from the parliament members with Syarifudin Odjobolo account. According to him, the statement of Vice Regent in the forum is very clear and no need to be polished again. Because it actually becomes the image of another party. Iskandar and Syarifudin replied to each other’s comments on Facebook since 9:17 pm yesterday.**
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