Indonesia Stock Exchange Will Launch the Official Office in Palu

reporter: ikhsan toili

IN CENTRAL Sulawesi, there is a lack of investors playing in the capital market. Based on data released by Indonesia Stock Exchange (BEI) for Central Sulawesi Province as of June 2018, the data of existing investors were still totaling 1,536 people and specifically from Palu City amounting to 826 people who have securities account.

In addition to the lack of enthusiasm, the investors in Central Sulawesi must also face obstacles due to the lack of availability of securities companies that handle their needs so that investors must go to nearby the cities such as Manado or Makassar.

In view of the turmoil, the Indonesia Stock Exchange (BEI) was represented by Fahmi Amirullah as Head of Makassar Representative Office said on the sidelines when giving material in the event of training of financial services industry (IJK) for journalists at The Sya Hotel on Tuesday (24/7/ 2018) which indicated that in the near future the Indonesian Stock Exchange branch office will soon be established in Palu City.

"The plan is in the second quarter, we will soon launch our new office in Palu City and currently in the process of renovating the office building," he said.

The purpose of the existence of Indonesia Stock Exchange office in Palu city, especially in Central Sulawesi in order to meet and complete the Financial Services Industry (IJK) in Central Sulawesi so that later will no longer only talk about the banking industry, IKNP or pawnshop but also the addition of market industry capital.

And his hope with the existence of the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) in Central Sulawesi, all other securities companies can also keep up the work.

Fahmi Amirullah, also reiterated the importance of investing from now, especially for those who have sufficient. And Fahmi Amirullah also entrusted the message during the Q&A session in the event that investors should seek comfort and safety while investing and not only seeking for profit but also see the opportunity.**
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