Nasdem Crossed Out Three Legislative Candidates

Reporter: Firmansyah

THE DEMOCRATIC Nationalist (Nasdem) Party Central Sulawesi crossed out three names from the list of their candidates. They are Yos Sudarso Marjduni from Electoral Palu City, Sardon Lawira from Electoral Parigi Mautong District and Anwar Yabi also from Electoral Palu City. It was expressed by Muslimin, Secretary of DPW party in the office of Parliament Palu, a few days ago.

According to Muslimin, the deletion refers to PKPU Number 20. In addition, he also asserted that it was a decision of DPP Nasdem himself where all the members up to the leader, clean of corruption cases, drugs or sexual harassment. 'It has become the decision of the central leadership council.

Surya Paloh himself has confirmed that all members of the party must be clean from the criminal. Because of the community's trust to the entire party in Indonesia has reached the lowest point. Therefore, the party took the policy to dismiss, '' he explained.

In addition, he also explained that the dismissal decision was a decision from the party's central leadership, not the DPW's decision. Although they are not deleted as candidates, they will automatically be disqualified during the enrollment in the election commission later. Due to the requirements they violated were in the preamble of PKPU.

'' The objection with the verdict does exist, but not our domain in terms of dismissal. It also must be done foremost before becoming into a polemic in the future, '' he explained.

The same thing also expressed by the Chairman of DPW Nasdem Central Sulawesi, Tahmirdi Lasahido via WhatsApp. Tahmidi asserted that the stipulation of names for future Nasdem candidates, following the decision of the central leadership. "So, Nasdem only runs in determining the candidates in each of the electoral districts, '' he said.**

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