P2TL PLN Controlled The Electricity Theft

Reporter: Ikhsan Madjido

PT PLN (PERSERO) of Palu area continues to fight against the electricity theft by deploying the PETTL (Electricity Use Control) team to hunt down the theft. PLN continues to run the action because this act jeopardizes the country.

The mode of the electricity theft by a customer or non-customer of PLN's installation and or the measuring device (APP) by affecting the power barrier, the measurement, and using electricity for no legitimate reason.

"During the three months of controlling, the majority of customers were found to have direct connections and unsuitable power consumption. It can be categorized as the electricity theft, "said the Field Coordinator (Korlap) of P2TL PLN, Supriatn during the inspection of power grids at the house of one of the residents in Palu, Thursday (12/7/2018).

In controlling of some of these teams, PLN disciplined the use of electricity such as illegal installation which is not in accordance to the appropriate procedure.

According to Supriatno, in addition to the theft of electricity, the use of electricity is not orderly causing many accidents or fire accident occurred in the houses of citizens.

He exemplifies the use of disorder such as customers do not use MCB, whose function is to prevent the occurrence of fire when electrical short circuit.

In addition, there are customers who are electrically hooked up without a measuring device, or directly take from the network cable to the house.

"This is risky and immeasurable, so we have to put it in order." In addition to securing his house, we also avoid using electricity that has an adverse impact on customers in terms of bills, "he said. The customers who are caught installing illegal electricity will only be charged a subsequent charge by PLN but will not impose sanctions and penalties on the perpetrators.**

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